Discipline is often the decision between two things: What you want to achieve right now and what is important to you.

My approach to personal training is about successfully achieving your fitness goals. This is my sole purpose. Whether you are preparing for a marathon, want to do a pull up unaided and get your chin up over that bar or to simply be happy with what the scales say: I will help you achieve this!

Once we have established what your goals are, I will devise an individual and unique training which will be easily adaptable throughout day to day life and most importantly: Be fun! To every training, I will bring my knowledge which will guide, support you and to explain what is important to your individual goals. I now how to train effectively without weights and I know how to achieve goals without using gym and equipment. All I need is your motivation, will and determination and together we will achieve exactly what you want. There is always the option to train in a gym, without ANY further costs, should you wish to do so.